Terrier & Lurcher


This popular aspect of the Country fair is organised by Tracy Stone, of Llanrwst. Tracy has proved very capable in this capacity and has established a loyal following over the years.

This web site will be constantly up dated and added to as we progress in organising the “Rhug North Wales country fair “.

Lurcher pup classes:

Please note any bull bred dogs MUST be shown in bull classes.

Smooth, dog or bitch.

Rough, dog or bitch.

All bull pup, dog or bitch.

Whippet pup, dog or bitch.

Puppy championship: Winners from classes 1 – 4.

Lurcher classes (over 12 months)

Smooth dog, under 23”

Smooth bitch, under 23”

Rough dog, under 23”

Rough bitch, under 23”

Smooth dog, over 23”

Smooth bitch, over 23”

Rough dog, over 23”

Rough bitch, over 23”

Whippet dog

Whippet bitch

Bull cross dog

Bull cross bitch

Working lurcher

Working whippet

Best matched pair of lurchers

Best matched pair of whippets

Veteran lurcher, (over 7 years)

Veteran whippet, (over 7 years)

Supreme Champion Lurcher of Show: Winners of classes 5-12

Supreme Whippet of Show: Winners of classes 13-14

Supreme Champion Bull Cross of Show: Winners of classes15-16


Terrier pup classes:

Jack Russell, dog or bitch

Border, dog or bitch

Lakeland, dog or bitch

Black, dog or bitch

Crossbred, dog or bitch

Terrier pup championship: Winners of classes 1 – 5.

Terrier Classes (over 12 months)

Jack Russell, smooth dog

Jack Russell, rough dog

Border dog

Lakeland dog

Black dog

Crossbred dog

Jack Russell, smooth bitch

Jack Russell, rough bitch

Border bitch

Lakeland bitch

Black bitch

Crossbred dog

Any other terrier, dog or bitch

Entered Terrier. Q

Best matched pair of terriers.

Veteran terrier (over 7 years)

Child handling class, (Under 15 years of age).

Supreme Champion Terrier of show: Winners of classes 6 – 17. 



Polecat hob.

Polecat Jill.

Albino hob.

Albino Jill.

Coloured hob.

Coloured Jill

Any other hob

Any other Jill

Veteran ferret

Best small ferret (hob or Jill)

Working ferret (hob or Jill).

Best matched pairs (hob or Jill).