Wood Carvers



Simon O’Rourke of treecarving.co.uk and woodfest country show is proud to be hosting the chainsaw carving event at this year’s North Wales Country Fair at the Rhug Estate in North Wales on the 7th and 8th of July!
There’ll be 10 amazing artists producing large and small sculptures over the two day event, and all of the sculptures will be available to buy at auction.
The main pieces will be carved from large pieces of Western Red Cedar, a naturally long lasting wood.
These large artworks will be auctioned at 2pm on Sunday 8th, and delivery can be arranged so you don’t need to worry about strapping 200kg of wood to your roof!
Speed carving demonstrations are happening at the following times :
Sat 11am and 2pm
Sunday 1pm
Speed carving is a fast and furious 30 minute event that sees the artists produce a small sculpture that will be auctioned straight afterwards.
The prices of speed carvings can vary between £50 and £350 with the current record for a 30 min carve being £520!
For more info on the carving event email simon@treecarving.co.uk
There will be many world class carvers demonstrating at the show! some of these are Harry Thomas, Danny Thomas, Richard Austin, Ian Williams, Ian Andrews, Duncan Kitson, Simon Hedger, Paul Edwards, Garry Turler and Mark Earp